Business Law

Law is found in every business daily operations. CAAFER International is also a team of qualified lawyers. Our skills span the full spectrum of corporate practice.

CAAFER International assists promoters all through the various steps and the preparation of the necessary documents for the creation and the change of business structure. We also follow procedures to get technical and financial approvals.

CAAFER International works alongside companies for the various legal acts necessary for their development and operation. We assist companies with mergers and acquisitions, partial asset transfers, functional legal acts, etc.

CAAFER International as a legal and tax adviser, is a partner of choice during the negotiations and the drafting of your agreements. Looking beyond the legal system to find the financial and tax implications, we provide you with the most appropriate advice and we meticulously draft your contracts.

CAAFER International analyzes both your legal/tax environment and your financial situation so as to meet your specific concerns with detailed and accessible technical assessment.