As part of your strategic development, you are planning for a cross-border geographic expansion. CAAFER International assists you in the opening of your subsidiaries, branches and central purchasing offices throughout Africa. Our experts also assist you in your intergroup operations. We offer a range of specialized services: Studies, business creation, legal Acts, Approvals, etc.

The OHADA law and the various legislations around the world sanction subsidiaries creation. A Subsidiary is a completely autonomous economic entity in its own right. The parent company (creator) holds a significant share of the capital. Subsidiaries are suitable for business diversification or geographic expansion. CAAFER International assists you in setting up your subsidiaries while taking into account the tax situation in the preparation of the various acts.

CAAFER International provides you with sound advice in the appropriate choice between independent intermediaries and subordinated intermediaries. Once the choice is made, we assist you in the constitution of representative structures with or without legal personality while taking into account the tax implications.

The branch is a commercial or industrial or services provider establishment. It belongs to a company or a natural person and is endowed with some autonomy in management. However, it does not have an autonomous legal personality, distinct from that of the head office. CAAFER International assists you according to your stakes and your strategy in the choice and the constitution of branches across Africa.