CAAFER International’s expertise covers all aspects of taxation, from operations to expansion plans. Beyond ordinary tax assistance, our experts work with you during your business restructuring and merging and also during tax audits or assisting you to obtain preferential schemes (investment code, mining code, etc.). CAAFER International is also a network of specialists in the areas of international tax law, real estate taxation, wealth taxation, corporate taxation and restructuring, etc.


Domestic taxation is a major issue in the management and strategic development of companies. We provide assistance to our clients in terms of company tax management and tax disputes management.

CAAFER International ensures company’s tax security through a permanent tax watch. We analyze the legislative development in order to unveil every new obligation as well as new tax texts to prevent risks and avoid sanctions for your company.

CAAFER International makes a diagnosis of your company’s tax file to check the compliance of your tax management with the legal obligations. Our tax experts carefully analyze your tax situation and suggest possible ways of regularization.

With proven experience and convincing statistics, CAAFER International is your ideal partner in the prevention and management of tax disputes.

CAAFER International analyzes your intrinsic situation and various operations in order to bring out important tax burdens and propose legal optimization options.

CAAFER International answers your technical questions after having carried out the necessary studies. Your tax concerns are processed in record time. Our technical opinions are detailed, accurate and accessible to all.